5 Benefits of Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are available from a wide range of lenders, and these loans are available to both homeowners and non-homeowners. You will generally need to have good credit as most lenders won’t take the risk of giving these types of loans to someone that has had credit problems. If you have good credit then you can enjoy a choice of loans, and the good news is that rates have come down on these loans.

Benefits to consider when it comes to unsecured loans:

1. An unsecured loan is not secured against any asset and is instead based on trust and contract. This means that if you do fall behind on repayments – although this is not a good idea due to the effect it will have on your credit – you will not be risking losing your home.

2.You do not have to be a homeowner in order to qualify for an unsecured loan.

3. With unsecured loans the repayment terms are often shorter than secured loans, and this means that you will get it paid off sooner when making the minimum payments.

4. Unsecured loans are quick to process, as there is very little in the way of checks to carry out. There is no need for a property evaluation, and the only details that you will need to confirm are details such as your income.

5. You can enjoy a wide choice of lenders when you opt for an unsecured loan, ranging from High Street banks to Internet only lenders.

Credit Counseling Companies

Recently a friend told me that he took his wife and went to a credit counseling corp in Texas. They had a few hour meeting to see if they could be helped to get their credit in order.

This couple if in their thirties and they have some kids. The husband recently graduated from school and has taken a job that pays rather well for recent graduates. Still with 4 kids money will be very tight. They borrowed a bit more than they should have in school on student loans and credit cards.

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Too small a grace period, or none at all. Historically, credit cards offered a grace period of about 30 days. If you paid your balance in full during that time, you were charged no interest on your purchases. But card companies don’t make money on good customers. As such, the length of many grace periods […]

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Simple Key to Saving Money

Today I posted this over on MoreMerchant.com. The Key to Saving money is Automation.

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MoreMerchant.com Save more Money Make more Money

MoreMerchant.com has a new design. MoreMerchant is our parent site so when it grows it benefits this site. Take a look at the moremerchant.com a site to make more money and save more money. What do you think of the look? [tags]moremerchant.com, save money, make money[/tags]

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INGdirect $25 Bonus referral

Are you looking for the $25 INGdirect Bonus referral? if so I have an account with a few referrals left. You have to deposit $250 to get the $25 and if you do I also earn $10. So if you need the $25 referral for INGdirect let me know. I will send them out on […]

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Life Changes Save Money Save Credit By Making Another Budget

Have you done a budget lately? We have moved in the past couple of months and our budget has been changing every month. This month as things would begin settling down we found out that we would be having another baby. This of course will change things dramatically. So a new job, a new home, […]

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